Managing your Digital Identity; a poem

It has been a long time since last I blogged anything - I have been tied up with work and PhD commitments. There have been some exciting developments in the meantime (permanent contract, some really good teaching and learning experiences, for instance), but I have been remiss in not posting.

Research priorities relating to open education

For the Open University Open Learning Open Course (I have to type that, just because I like typing Open so often), H817, we have been asked to consider what priorities we would advise a funding organisation to address if it wishes to promote activity and research in the area of open education.

There are suggestions around the ideas of sustainability, barriers to uptake, and technology, but I think it is important to focus chiefly on the three other areas mentioned.

Mapping ideas around Open Learning and Open Education

As a first step in getting to grips with the content of the Open Education course, I put together a map of some of the key concepts. It is a work-in-progress, but in the spirit of open practice and open learning, key elements of open education, in my opinion, I am sharing what I have done so far.

I may need to re-edit this post to get it to work, but here goes...

H817 The OU course on Open Education - a MOOC a MOOC!

I will be taking part in the course on Open Education with the OU primarily for my own interest, but also because it happens to coincide with my area of work and my PhD.

On learning styles, Learning Styles, myths and debunkers

 In much the same way that I think a lot of the criticism of the notion of 'Digital Natives' is misinformed, I have once again run across the claims that "learning styles are a myth", that they have been "debunked" and frustration that the "myth won't die".  It is claimed that there is scientific, empirical, evidence that people do not have different learning styles.

Revisiting the jargon generator

A good while ago I had a play with the Educational Jargon Generator.  Recently I've been suspicious that people are actually using it for producing reports, so I thought it was time to play again.  I'll write a few words, get it to generate some jargon and put it in, and rinse and repeat.


Bloom Taxonomy Expanded, Flipped and then - networked...

 Dr Justin Marquis (@drjwmarquis)’s blog post, “Flipping and Expanding Bloom’s Taxonomy” got me thinking.  I have generally ignored Bloom’s Taxonomy because so much of it seems wrong to me –Shelly Wright and Marquis have taken a more sensible approach and suggested modifications to it in their posts (“Flipping Bloom’s Taxonomy” and “Flipping and Expanding Blo

Network of processes involved in learning

Digital Literacy and giving people fish...

 Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

On the topic of 'singing'...

 While I am feeling *ahem* musical, here's a song (In to the midnight blue) I wrote a long time ago, which I finally got round to re-recording.  It could be a lot better, I know...  CC ND licence on this, I reckon, so if anyone is crazy enough to want to re-do it, you can, but you must say I was the writer/original 'artist' ;-)

Digitally Ready...

 I'm really happy to be involved in a new JISC project here at the University of Reading, called Digitally Ready.  We've got the first programme meeting coming up soon, and the programme managers at JISC want an 'elevator pitch', which should be 'creative' and 'definitely no powerpoint'.

That's a challenge for a Comp Sci Engineery type.  No Powerpoint? What can these people be thinking? ;-)

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